Craft Activities at Gyan Deepak

Ruchi Gulati had taken online craft sessions with the students of Gyan Deepak. 
She has shared her experience in this blog.
It was during the summer months of 2021, lockdown period when I volunteered as a craft teacher for the students of GyanDeepak on my friend Madhuri’s request.It was a new experience for me to teach as craft has always been my hobby and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting the classes as I got very enthusiastic children . The challenge of finding something to do new and interesting with recycled material was fun . Research ,practice and prepare  before conducting the class took a lot of my time but on seeing the children enjoy doing the craft and sharing the pictures of their finished work made it totally worth it.The children had their own set of challenges, getting the material,laying hands on a phone with data, sharing phone with sibling and a first time teacher ( giving confusing instructions)  they sailed through and made me proud of the finished product!. All and all a very memorable experience for me and I hope the children enjoyed it .