Abhigyan 2018

Theme“ RAINBOW: A Harmony of Emotions”

Venue: terrace outside the classroom of Gyan Deepak

Programs: songs, poem recitations, speeches, drama, dance etc. Strength of Gyan Deepak in 2018 was 40 students. Students were very excited to be on stage for the first time in their life, facing the camera and the audience. They had managed their studies during rehearsal period as well as the rigorous practice sessions for the eventwith equal commitment. The Inaugural Event of the newly constructed classroom of Gyan Deepak had also commenced on this day.(pre 2018, a small fire exit area of a residential building was the classroom of Gyan Deepak)

Abhigyan 2019: Ek Soch Ek Disha

Participating NGOs for Abhigyan 2019

Aim: to bring together various NGOs working towards the common cause of education under a single platform, which can enable them to exchange ideas and help each other whenever required.
For Abhigyan 2019, Gyan Deepak had partnered with 4 other NGOs:ParichayEkPehchaan, Lotus Rescue, Ek Packet Umeed, Aditri Foundation.
Children of all the 5 NGOs had started preparations of this event months in advance and had eventually put up a spectacular show which had left the audience in awe of their immense enthusiasm, confidence and talent.It was a huge success.

Abhigyan 2020

Online Digital Portal: Abhigyan 2020 was held online because of Covid.

Theme: Yes, even after centuries of attacks and colonialism on Indian soil(pre Independence era)and decades of corruption (post Independence era), GyanDeepak truly believes that ‘JEET JAYEGA INDIA’ and it will become a self sustained and global leader in the years to come.

The common youth of India is its hidden and untapped resource.

About the Event:Jeet Jayega Indiawas a 1 week online competition among the students of Gyan Deepak and the entire week was an attempt to emphasize on the fact that:‘ given the right education and guidance, ALL the children, irrespective of their personal background, can dare to dream and achieve ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE’.

Various topics given to the students of Gyan Deepak were -

India’s unity in diversity

The junior batch students participated enthusiastically for the topics given to them

  • Draw your country
  • Proud to be an Indian

Batches - B1 2a 2b 3a 3b m3a m3b.

The video beautifully captures the zest, zeal and creativity of the students involved.

Made in India

The children had to present an origin of India which is a gift to the world.

Our student Junaid Ali did an amazing work by choosing Cotton Industry and making us realise that this industry of cotton had originated in India . The clothes and yarns made in India was imported to western countries and sold there in exchange of gold. Lets hear more from him in the video.

Make in India

TheStudents were given the task to create something innovative out of waste. We got Fabulous Entries and presentations. Students of Gyan Deepak came up with innovative ideas and imaginations. While Biky created a vaccum cleaner, Deepu tried his hands on making a water filter. Winner student was Debasish Das for making table light out of waste products and resources.

Unsung Heroes

Ravishankar, out student chose Sri Sanjay Kumar Gupta and took his interview. Then he assembled the whole information about him and the reason why he was inspired by him and presented us with his beautiful narrative. Letshear him out in this video

India's Pride

The senior most batch of Gyandeepak had to pen down a sketch of a role model who not only inspires them but also gives them a boost of confidence that *sky is the limit * to grow and touch heights. No obstacle can stop them..

  • Sunder Pichai
  • Sonam Wangchuck

They were asked to look into the lives of either of these epic Indian personalities who have taken the road less travelled and have put India on the global map. Meet our multi talented student Tanu Mishra whose role model is Sunder Pichai.

Synopsis of the event and Judges Speak

I am proud to be an Indian

Congratulations to Ranvir Singh Roy for penning down his emotions so beautifully why he is a proud Indian boy. Lets hear out from Ranvir Singh Roy, the winner of this category, why he feels proud of the secular and brotherhood nature of Indians which is deeply embedded in their culture.

We all know ISRO is one of the greatest assets of India.

It was established by Vikram Sarabhai, a Jain.

Sir APJ ABDUL KALAM, a muslimby religion was intimately involved in India's space program.

And Christians allowed their church to be used as the first space station of ISRO.

Their joint collaborations led to successfully placing the SLV-3 in orbit. With the launch of the satellite, India had become the sixth member of the super exclusive club of space-faring nations, and the membership remains at six till date.

Judge's Speak

Jeet Jayega India was not only a competition but also a way of learning and deeply embedding the core values of dedication and patriotism among others in the young minds of Gyan Deepak students.

The eminent judges of the event were:

MeetuChawla -Founder & Head Coach '@ThinkerMinds'

AnujaDas - Career Guidance Counsellor '@The Heritage School' Letshear what they had to speak about the whole event.

Letshear what they had to speak about the whole event.

Prize Distribution

The annual prize distribution day of Gyan Deepak is celebrated every year on the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja. Students are rewarded for excellence in academicsand extra curricular activities. Meritorious students, who have done exceptionally well in their academics, are also entitled to “School Scholarship Program’ of Gyan Deepak where their entire school fees is sponsored by Gyan Deepak.