Story of a transformed family at GDF

Lets meet Ravi and Ragini Sinha* - the eldest of 4 siblings living in a slum at Ballygunge Station. (*names in this page have been changed to protect identities)

Year 2014 - Scenario before joining Gyan Deepak

  • Their father was an alcoholic and had taken loans to pay for his drinking habits.
  • Ravi and Ragini used to study in a government school in Garcha Road, Kolkata.
  • Ravi was studying in class 3 and Ragini was a student of nursery class.
  • They were always reluctant to attend their school because of the following reasons:
    •  Teachers never used to teach anything
    • Teachers were absent most of the times
    • Questions and answers were dictated before the exams to enable students to clear the exams every year
    • School environment was very depressing and miserable

Year 2018 (Scenario 4 years into Gyan Deepak)

  • Their father has quit alcohol and has paid off his loans.
  • Both Ravi and Ragini are studying in English medium private schools now and their school fee is being funded by GDF.
  • Both of them are rank holders in their respective schools.
  • The entire family wakes at 5 am and goes to a nearby park to exercise.
  • Then they eat sprouts and sit for their studies after that (@ Naitik Shiksha classes at GDF).
  • Ragini wants to be a Drawing Teacher at Gyan Deepak and Ravi aspires to join the army when he grows up.

Ravi receiving medal and certificate on Gyan Deepak’s Prize Distribution Day - 16th Feb, 2021

School Report card of Ravi

Ragini, standing proud and beaming with joy on receiving her prizes and medals at GDF

School Report card of Ragini

Bhoomi School Report Card

Bhoomi Yadav

Our students inspire us by their courage and perseverance, and are a reminder that obstacles can be overcome. Bhoomi Yadav is a true example of this.She comes from a less privileged background ,where her father works as a toll tax collector and finds it difficult to pay her school fees. She joined us in class 7 , wherein Gyandeepak sponsored her school fees and started looking at her overall grooming and academics also. Today she is in class 10 and a rank holder in her school. A highly potential girl who dreams to fly high, and is ready to take up any competitions not just like a challenge but also like a learning platform. She has won accolades in different skills like public speaking, elocution etc.. She dreams to be an IAS officer and her dream is our dream too....