Programs at Gyan Deepak for Young Minds are

Young Minds

Gyan Deepak initiates various programs to bridge the gap between under privileged and privileged students. Emotions penned down beautifully by an educator of Gyan Deepak, on why these programs were initiated….
ये सब एक ईश्वर की संतान है ।
कुछ चांदी की चम्मच मुंह में लिए पैदा हुए ।
कुछ के हाथों में बचपन से ही जिम्मेदारी का बोझ है ।
लेकिन अब नया दौर शुरू है हुआ ।
दोनों एक दूसरे के सहयोग से बढ़ने हैं लगे ।
संभावनाएं और क्षितिज मिलने हैं लगे ।
प्रेरणा और आकांक्षाएं मिलकर एक हो रहे हैं ।
संभावनाएं और उम्मीदें प्रस्फुटित हो रहे हैं ।
किसी ने समझा अभाव की महत्ता को ।
किसी ने समझा असंभव कुछ भी नहीं ।
किसी ने समझा संभावनाएं अनंत है ।
ये सब साथ साथ मिलकर प्रस्फुटित हो रहे हैं ।
कदम से कदम मिलाते हुए संदेश दे रहे हैं :-
एकता में अनेकता है
और अनेकता में ही सफलता है
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन .


A program designed wherein The youth coming from premium schools, learn to appreciate and cherish whatever materialistic things they have inherited, something which would not have been possible otherwise.

Examples of tasks assigned to them is as follows:

  • Organising awareness camps in local communities.
  • Tutoring the students of Gyan Deepak on various subjects.
  • Doing typing related work for Gyan Deepak curriculum designing.
  • Online social media handling and making creatives for various purposes.

Other skills which the students learn in the interactive sessions are-

  • Time Management
  • Life skill management
  • Developing leadership qualities
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills

Each one Teach one at Gyan Deepak

High Schoolers receiving SUPW certificate

Samta Teen Fellowship Program

Samta is a joint initiative of Gyan Deepak and Thinkerminds@Meetu Chawla, an Educational consultant and coach who is decorated with various accolades. Samta is an extension of our program of Rising Teens, which aims towards Equity in Education. Where fortunate and marginalized children share a common platform and exchange ideas mutually. While the students of Gyan Deepak are exposed to a whole new world of ideas and possibilities when they view the world through the eyes of these privileged young minds, these teen mentors develop strong, effective, leadership skills which helps them to make positive changes in their school and community. Samta Teen Mentor Fellowshipis offered by Thinkerminds to high school students in association with Gyandeepak. Selected few students become part of Samta cohort every year after which they are incubated for a period of 8 months. Contact us for more information or if you want to apply for the same.

Summer Camps

As Gyan Deepak has no vacations, young teens studying in various prominent private schools in Kolkata are encouraged to make this free time more constructive and meaningful. In this manner, they invest their free time and work in a flexible schedule and thus share their time,knowledgeand resources with the students of Gyan Deepak. We don't call it a summer camp for children,,we call it **Building Entrepreneurs Camp**

School/College Collaborations

A glimpse of informative sessions conducted by the CMS society of Shri Ram College of Commerce- imparting knowledge in computer studies to our students.

Young Minds associated with different schools and colleges