Programmes incorporated at Gyan Deepak are

Creative classes: dance, art&craft, drawing

creative classes are not only related to artistic professions, itenables a student to think out of the box.At Gyan Deepak, the student is exposed to all these creative classes which enables him to discover himself and realise his potential from different angles.


Online exercise classes are held every morning at 5:30 till 6:30. Because physical well being only can ensure mental well being and thus can aim towards the holistic development of students.

  • Naitik Shiksha: To enable the students of Gyan Deepak to become conscious and responsible human beings, its important that their education is combined with deeper subjects which will help them to lead their daily lives meaningfully. There is a lot of emphasis on moral story sessions and discussions which enables them to understand the essence of life with a scientific rigour of mind.The students of Gyan Deepak are exposed to rich Indian cultural heritage and heroic tales of courage and wisdom of our ancestors which instils feeling of deep patriotism and fraternity in the young minds since early childhood.Its also connected to a person being happy, contented and humble in life. Pic 2,3,4…caption:Glimpses of Naitik Shiksha sessions being held in the community of Promod Nagar and Ballygunge centres

Glimpses of Naitik Shiksha sessions being held in the community of Promod Nagar and Ballygunge centres

Happy Birthday

Glimpses of Naitik Shiksha sessions being held in the community of Promod Nagar and Ballygunge centres

Happy Birthday

  • Birthday Celebrations: to make each child feel special and loved. It also teaches the kids that happiness should be shared among others.
  • Healthy meals ensure better attention span, academic progress and reduced dropout rates. A fruit is given everyday to each student.Chips and chocolates are strictly prohibited. Students are taught the benefits of eating nutritious food and staying healthy.
  • Periodically,wholesome nutritious ration items are distributed to student families likechana, moong,sattu,dalia. click here if you would like to donate for food items at Gyan Deepak.
  • Health Campsto make sure of the physical wellbeing and hygiene.

Special Sessions

As we face a global crisis together, Gyandeepak foundation is trying to find positive ways to teach these kids to look after themselves and each other too..!!

Chatterbox with its initiative HARISHVAANI mentored by Vinita Banka and Dhiraj Golyan: Here our kids are learning the most important skill to understand and express how and what they feel.

Let’s Connect@PurvaSonthalia: PurvaMaam spreads happiness in the hearts of young minds of Gyan Deepak students through her special Counselling Sessions.

Mirror Workshops for Children's Theatre: Kavita an enthusiast who can make any story session or any experience imaginative through enactment and the characters come alive and the children feel a live story experience.

Career Counselling

When Sumit Das*, who recently got selected in Indian Navy, shared his story, right from his childhood, the curiosity and sparkle in the eyes of the Gyan Deepak students who were listening with rapt attention, cannot be explained in words.

Young individuals who have already attained their career goals are invited as Guest Speakers at Gyan Deepak. When they share their experiences and share the struggles, challenges they faced and how did they overcome those barriers, the students at Gyan Deepak are fuelled with a fresh boost of energy and