Our Vision

Good quality education opens the doors to a good quality life for not just an individual but also for his/her generations to come. Gyan Deepak envisions a society wherein present economic situation doesn’t deprive a child of its right to good quality education and life.

Our Mission

Gyan Deepak aims to reach out and educate marginalized children. Our mission is to join hands with as many home makers and individuals who would like to contribute to this cause as teachers or volunteers and help turn this dream into reality.


खुद जियें, सबको जीना सिखायें,
अपनी खुशियां चलो बांट आयें।
आओ हर घर में दीपक जलाएं,
अपनी खुशियां चलो बांट आयें।

These were the feelings with which the foundation of Gyan Deepak was laid down in March 2014, when its founder Mrs. Priti Agarwal, a home maker was interacting with the son of a watchman. She was dismayed when she found out that the kid studying in class 4 in a govt. school was not able to read even simple 3 letter words like but, cot, nib… She asked the kid to gather few of his school friends and started teaching them in the Fire Exit Area of her residential building. Mrs. Suman Bubna, an elderly but very passionate home maker soon joined Gyan Deepak and then gradually, the organisation started to dig its roots firmly in the soil of education. It started to expand and spread its wings when Mrs. Sweta Saraf joined Gyan Deepak in June,2018.

Together we can, together we will
Make this world a better place to live in!!!