Leading Towards Light

5th April,2022

# Promod Nagar  . To we all parents , who strive relentlessly towards providing best education to our children in the topmost institutions across the world. 

Here we saw a unique world revolving around the underprivileged children being self driven towards achieving their educational ambitions against all odds and domiciliary challenges with minimal moral support from their guardians . With the fire in the  belly and the constant zeal to perform, they have won our heart with scintillating display of their skills , unperturbed by the big audience watching them. Their communication in english and their extempore delivery of the language on the stage makes it hard to differentiate them from a convent school student . 

The learning: Imparting Education is most important and is not determined by the price tag of the infrastructure that engulf the students whilst their learning . A mere 10 by 10 room under an old noisy fan is enough. 
Kudos to the faculties of Gyan Deepak who have always taken out time from their busy schedule to impart the knowledge to such kids in the toughest of environment. Their hard work and perseverance is clearly reflecting on the confidence and  IQ levels of these children . 

As one of the learned scholar had quoted: let parents bequeath to their children not the riches , but the spirit of reverence- .


....R. Venkatesh