Teacher's Experience

Having found the right platform to write about the most fascinating of my journey of the teaching career in Gyan Deepak. I am glad to send this message. I became a member of this family in 2019. From the day on I have seen incredible kids, so exuberant and energetic. Every child here has a different story to share which make us aware of the different shades life can show us. I remember every moment spent with them. Each day, a new day with new targets, new tasks and different challenges. Always with smile on their faces, children are ready to gasp anything taught in the class. Sometimes I find myself unable to make them quick in grasping things in English but I have to be patient enough and teach them in a different way. An exciting change is always welcoming and I take a few sessions in the outdoor space of the terrace, which actually opens up the minds of learners and their imaginative and literary skills are expanded. They tend to be more attentive and hence have a better recollection of the information shared. All of them are upbeat about learning to speak English and this makes my task easier. I always manage to send them home with some good vocabularies and they apprehend eventually. I gives me an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. I appreciate the endeavours of all the educators and mentors to give their best and enlighten the children for a better world. The admins deserve to be especially saluted for running the classes with holistic approach and against all odds. We at Gyan Deepak are determined to provide the best possible education for our children. They must develop habits of hard work and keen sense of discipline in order to succeed in this highly competitive world of today. I am confident that students with wide exposure to academic field will leave a mark wherever they go by exhibiting their unimpeachable character, sense of discipline and commitment