Sweta Saraf

The most vivid lesson I remember right from my childhood was from my father. " you always get what you deserve in life, nothing more and nothing less." So whenever you stand in front of God never ask for anything just thank him for all that you have.

Growing up with this belief I kept thanking him and God kept guiding me to my goal in life.

He presented me with opportunities to getting trained as a teacher... to having a supportive life partner and two loving boys...Looking back I have realised that there was always a special place in my  heart towards the less fortunate. From saving my tiffin money to help a friend to buy text books in school... to working as an intern at Wadia hospital (Mumbai) taking care of HIV positive kids during my college years..(AIDS was then a tabooed subject)

I never realised  the flame which was still burning till the time I got the opportunity to work with GyanDeepak Foundation .I have evolved here as a human and realized my potential and beliefs .. Today I strongly believe that youth has the power to bring the change, a change where there will be no inequality in any aspect of anyone's life.